In Search of Intercultural Competence

Review my investigation of culture through observation and interviews

I conducted a telephone interview with my informant, a tenured professor of engineering, born and raised in Sierra Leone West Africa. Dr. Amanda Lanier, our instructor, introduced the class to qualitative analysis and procedures and resources used for conducting interviews. Below are my project report and coding data.

The data collection includes a review of the literature on ICC. The purpose of the research project was to explore what the meaning of intercultural competence and how the concept can be seen in the life of the informant. The coding image shows themes that I discovered in the analyses, which align with my research questions.

Project Report and Coding of Data

Culturism, Racism, Othering, and Identity

There is nothing that could have prepared me for the MAFLT “Culture” course. I am excited to share this part of my portfolio because of the overwhelming impact that it has made on my teaching practice and my life. Culture is an expansive topic, and this course is designed to dislodge general perceptions of culture as “a euphemism for race.” Each topic builds and prepares teachers for another hidden layer that is culture. Belief systems shape our society, but the reverse is also true. Our society shapes belief systems. World language teachers have a responsibility to create a learning environment that does not ignore culture but integrates intercultural communication competence (ICC) as standard teaching and learning practice.

Presentation Slides, Design Activity, and Useful Materials

I created this presentation with a two-three day activity in mind. As I progressed, it became clear that I had exceeded the assignment requirement with an overabundance of material. However, the target goal of designing activities to reflect ICC in the activity design can be met with themes centered around domestic life. The activity design includes: a Vocabulary worksheet, instructional plan, Questionnaire, and Student Survey, which can be viewed below.

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