Demystifying Dyslexia in the Foreign Language Classroom

Here, I suggest an original source activity to accommodate your dyslexic language learners. This is original content, which is explained in the Lesson Plan below. The Source Activity emerged from my student’s family vacation. Helping students with dyslexia connect their learning to personal experiences encourages learning and lowers their affective filter. Decoding by parsing, reading, and writing the Japanese Kana is shown to be a fun exercise to improve visual focus and memory.

Decoding Brochures

The MAFLT Curriculum Grid

My Curriculum Grid is a visual representation of a curriculum that accommodates students with dyslexia. Most importantly, it displays the communicative modes, activities, and reflective tasks. The Grid format is made available by MAFLT.

The Suggested Lesson Plan

Utilize a lesson plan that will divide teacher and student activities. I found this method to be helpful in quickly changing plans based on student accommodations.

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